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Go Clean Meals

Project Type

Brand Developing


Food Delivery



The Challenge

Go Clean Meals wants to ensure consistent delivery of healthy food. As a new entrant in the meal prep industry, Go Clean Meals faced several challenges:

It had limited industry experience as it was in its initial stages of operation, faced financial constraints compared to more established competitors, and struggled to carve out market share against well-known industry giants.

The Solution

360 Marketing Strategy developed a comprehensive marketing plan with specific objectives of developing an extensive product range, competitive pricing, strategic placement, and robust promotion plan to boost sales, expand reach, and build a loyal customer base.


To develop and launch 25 products

The introduction of 25 meticulously designed meals enhanced the menu’s appeal, supported by an easy-to-navigate e-commerce platform.


To create pricing strategies to boost sales.

Early bird discounts and special promotions were introduced, making the service accessible and boosting ticket sales.


Increase referrals and promote the service

Partnerships with local gyms and community bulletin boards increased referrals, expanding Go Clean Meals’ footprint.


To grow social media followers and email subscribers.

A mix of paid Google Ads, SEO content, and engaging social media campaigns significantly increased the brand’s online visibility and community engagement.

The Results

The strategic marketing efforts led by 360 Marketing Strategy propelled Go Clean Meals from a promising startup to a competitive player in the meal prep industry. 

Through innovation, targeted marketing, and community engagement, Go Clean Meals successfully established its brand, demonstrating the power of a well-crafted marketing strategy in the competitive landscape of health-focused meal services.

Project Highlights

Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy

Focused on its edge of tasty, healthy meals, Go Clean Meals’ strategy spanned product innovation, smart pricing, wider reach, and growing a digital community. 



Leveraging digital and gym partnerships in New Jersey, and boosting its brand through a mix of Google Ads, SEO, social media, and emails.


We were focused on launching the e-commerce site, nurturing gym partnerships for referrals, and unifying marketing efforts for consistent branding and messaging across all platforms.



We were focused on understanding customer behaviors via website analytics, evaluating marketing campaign effectiveness to tweak tactics, and gathering customer feedback for continuous improvement.

"Incredible service! The dedicated project manager from 360 Marketing ensured our marketing goals were not just met but exceeded."

Lina G
Lina G

Head Chef @ GoCleanMeal

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