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Project Overview

Thribu Shop, an esteemed Etsy storefront specializing in premium vintage goods, was the first winner of the “Win Free Strategy” Raffle hosted by 360 Marketing Strategy. This case study explores the challenges Thribu Shop faced, the strategic solutions implemented, and the results and highlights of this award-winning project.

The Challenge

Thribu Shop faced several critical challenges in enhancing its online presence and market penetration in the highly competitive vintage goods market:

  • Differentiating in a Saturated Market: Standing out in a market flooded with similar products and numerous competitors.
  • Engaging a Broader Demographic: Expanding its customer base without losing the appeal to its core audience of vintage enthusiasts.
  • Optimizing an Online Strategy: Developing a digital strategy that enhances the unique offerings of vintage goods.
  • Lack of Recognizable Branding: The absence of a distinct brand identity, including a logo or a consistent color scheme, which hindered brand recognition.
  • Inconsistent Branding and Business Structure: The need to establish a cohesive brand presence and streamline business operations to support growth.

The Solutions

360 Marketing Strategy developed a multifaceted approach to address Thribu Shop’s challenges:


Brand Development

Through vibrant blog posts and educational content, the event’s rich salsa culture was highlighted, drawing attendees eager for an authentic experience.


Targeted Marketing Strategy

Early bird discounts and special promotions were leveraged, significantly increasing ticket sales and making the event more accessible.


Digital Strategy Enhancement

Targeted Google Ads in neighboring states like New York and Pennsylvania effectively widened the event’s audience, introducing a diverse mix of cultures.


Operational Structuring

Streamlined business operations to support efficient management and growth, setting a foundation for scalable success.

The Results

Implementing these strategies yielded substantial improvements:

  • Increased Brand Recognition: The new branding led to increased recognition in the marketplace, distinguishing Thribu Shop from its competitors.
  • Enhanced Online Engagement: Improved SEO and content strategies boosted online traffic by 40% and increased customer interaction.
  • Expanded Customer Base: More effective targeting and engagement strategies led to a 30% increase in customer retention and expanded demographic reach.
  • Operational Efficiency: Better business structuring improved overall operational efficiency and customer service.

Project Highlights

Comprehensive Branding Overhaul

Comprehensive Branding Overhaul

Introduced a memorable logo and unified visual branding that resonated with both new and existing customers.

Free Strategy Raffle Winner!

Free Strategy Raffle Winner!

As the inaugural winner of the “Win Free Strategy” Raffle, Thribu Shop exemplifies how a comprehensive marketing approach can transform a business.

Community Engagement Initiatives

Community Engagement Initiatives

  • Fostered a community around the brand through interactive social media strategies and customer-focused events.


Advanced Analytics Implementation

Advanced Analytics Implementation

Utilized analytics to refine marketing strategies and tailor communications, enhancing customer engagement and conversion rates.

"The clarity and consistency in our messaging and visual branding have truly elevated our customer experience and set us apart from competitors.."

Alejandra Bejaran
Alejandra Bejaran

Owner @ Thribu Shop

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