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Project Overview

Upperside IT Solutions

Upperside IT Solutions, located in Clark, NJ, specializes in providing advanced IT solutions to local businesses. This case study highlights the strategic marketing initiatives developed and implemented by 360 Marketing Strategy to enhance Upperside IT Solutions’ market presence, optimize service offerings, and drive business growth.

The Challenge

Upperside IT Solutions faced several significant challenges:

  • Increasing Brand Awareness: Despite their expertise, Upperside IT Solutions struggled with brand recognition in a saturated market.
  • Launching New Services: Introducing and promoting new IT services effectively.
  • Boosting Online Presence: Enhancing their digital footprint to attract more clients.
  • Competitive Pricing: Developing competitive yet profitable pricing strategies.
  • Client Acquisition and Retention: Increasing the client base and retaining existing clients through improved service offerings.
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The Solutions

360 Marketing Strategy developed a comprehensive marketing plan focusing on four main areas:


Brand Development

  • Created a cohesive brand identity, including logo design, brand messaging, and visual elements, to enhance recognition and appeal.
  • Developed a brand style guide to ensure consistency across all marketing materials and platforms.

Digital Marketing Enhancement

  • Launched a new, SEO-optimized website with a blog for organic content, automated quote generation, and forms to streamline client interactions.
  • Implemented targeted Google and Facebook ad campaigns to drive traffic and improve online engagement.

Service Launch Strategy

  • Structured processes for new service introductions, including detailed service descriptions, competitive pricing, and client engagement strategies.
  • Promoted new services through email marketing campaigns and social media announcements to maximize reach and interest.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

  • Integrated a CRM system to manage client relationships, track project progress, and ensure consistent follow-up and support.
  • Enhanced client communication and retention through personalized email campaigns and regular updates on service improvements.

The Results

Implementing these strategies yielded substantial improvements:

  • Enhanced Brand Recognition: The new branding and promotional efforts significantly increased Upperside IT Solutions’ visibility in the market.
  • Successful Service Launch: The introduction and promotion of new IT services expanded the company’s market reach and diversified its offerings.
  • Increased Online Traffic and Engagement: The new website and SEO strategies led to higher online traffic, improved engagement, and better conversion rates.
  • Improved Client Acquisition and Retention: The CRM system and enhanced service offerings boosted client acquisition and retention rates, leading to sustained business growth.

Project Highlights

Brand Identity Development

Brand Identity Development

Established a strong brand identity with a professional logo, cohesive visual elements, and consistent messaging across all platforms.

Service Process Optimization

Service Process Optimization

Developed detailed service processes, competitive pricing models, and client engagement strategies to streamline service delivery and enhance client satisfaction.

Digital Marketing Success

Digital Marketing Success

Launched an effective digital marketing campaign, including paid ads, email marketing, and social media strategies, to drive traffic and engagement.

CRM Integration

CRM Integration

Implemented a CRM system to manage client relationships, track project progress, and ensure timely follow-up and support.


Upperside IT Solutions successfully enhanced its market presence and achieved its business objectives through a strategic partnership with 360 Marketing Strategy. By addressing branding, digital marketing, and service delivery challenges, Upperside IT Solutions positioned itself as a leading provider of IT solutions in the local market.

"For any business looking to elevate its marketing game, I highly recommend 360 Marketing Strategy. Their commitment to excellence and collaborative approach makes them a standout in the industry. "

Joe Rodriguez
Joe Rodriguez

Founder @ Upperside IT Solutions

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